Savoury / Sweet

An Eastern European feast

For my second summery menu, I wanted to try something different. Since I’ve always been interested in Eastern European food but have never really cooked it, I turned to Silvena Rowe’s Feasts.

Following the triumph of my menu taken from Ottolenghi’s Jerusalem (click here for the full story), I was sorely disappointed. Probably more so because I love watching Rowe on TV.

She’s entertaining and funny, but her recipes just didn’t really cut it. They were slightly unclear and had too little description to tell me whether or not I was doing it right. Some of them just seemed instinctively wrong too. For example, the filling for the buttermilk tart split instantly,  with no tips for how to save it. Also, the filling for the courgette and feta filo pie was far too eggy despite only adding one egg to the mixture. Anyway, it was all a bit of a let down.

Despite this, some of it was very good. The pierogi (fried the next day) were delicious and the Georgian meatballs were a really unusual flavour – delicately spiced, sweet, tangy  and savoury all at once. All in all, not too shabby!

Courgette, feta and filo pie

As mentioned above, the filling felt too eggy but it was tasty nonetheless. Plenty of dill, though, which was refreshing.


These were really delicious when fried the day after. Here, I simple dunked them in boiling water for a few minutes until they rose to the top.

Georgian meatballs

A revelation. Chicken and veal mince, pine nuts, tons of fresh herbs and dried sour cherries.

Radish and cucumber salad

Not a recipe from Rowe’s book, but just something I cobbled together.

Chicken baked in yoghurt

This was overcooked, I think, but as it was only in the oven for the amount of time that Rowe recommends, I was disappointed with this one.

Buttermilk and blueberry tart

Slightly too sweet for my liking, and I substituted blackberries (in the original recipe) for blueberries. Still, nice flavours and very crumbly, buttery pastry! I made two smaller tarts rather than one large one and had a bit of a disaster when I took the second one out of the oven, as you can see. It tipped over and splattered all over the open oven door. I scraped it all back into to the case. I’m not really sure why, but I did.


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