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Jerusalem: summer (almost) in the kitchen

With the terrible weather we’ve been having over here in England, I wanted to bring a bit of the sunshine that we’ve been lacking outside to the kitchen. So I sat down and put together three menus from three recipe books I’d been meaning to try for ages. This is the first (I’ll be posting the other two soon).

I decided to try some recipes from Yotam Ottolenghi and Sami Tamini’s latest book, JerusalemIf their food can’t cheer us up, I thought, nobody’s can. I’m not going to lie – most of the recipes in Jerusalem are pretty labour-intensive and/or have a loooong list of ingredients, so you need to plan the dishes in advance. Having said that, the recipes really worked (unlike some  – more on that in another post) and they were all delicious.

Apologies for the terrible photos – for some reason, the camera only focused on things when they were really far away, so most of the photos were taken from across the room!


These were absolutely delicious – light, crispy and full of flavour. They were really simple to make too, although I have to admit I didn’t use any parsnips as Ottolenghi suggests but just stuck to potatoes. With a dollop of sour cream, these were a firm favourite.

Spicy chickpeas with fresh vegetable salad

The salad was a light and refreshing accompaniment while the chickpeas added a lot of fragrant spice.

Meatballs with broad beans, lemon and herbs

These meatballs are simply amazing. I used all beef (forgot to buy lamb mince) and they were still brilliant. Subtly spiced, with a really unusual flavour and fills the kitchen with great smells.

Mutabbaq (goat cheese, ricotta and filo dessert)

This was the stand out dessert of the week. I was worried it would be too sweet, as it has sugar syrup poured over it when it comes out of the oven, but it wasn’t sickly at all. The combination of the savoury, creamy filling with the buttery pastry and slight sweetness of the syrup was amazing. It didn’t last very long! Highly recommended.

The second menus – an eastern European one and a Spanish one – will be up soon…


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