The Mondrian cake: part 3

Thank you everyone for bearing with me over the last few days. I’ve been struck down by a nasty case of food poisoning, and the thought of even looking at food was enough to make me relive the whole ordeal, so I haven’t been updating anything on the blog. But, without further ado: the final installation of the Mondrian cake.

Day 3

It looks worse than I remember. I’m not sure why or how, but it looks like I’ve buffed it with sandpaper. Hardly the glossy exterior I’m aiming for. So, working quickly, I try to pour and shape the new, shiny ganache over the ugly undercoat.

Timing is crucial: I have to smooth it out without leaving any knife marks while making sure it’s evenly spread and sharp-cornered. The temptation to go back over it to smooth things out when it’s starting to set is excruciating. I know that if I touch it again, it will start to pull and look worse.

I step back, put the palette knife down and survey my handy work. It’s not the perfection I was hoping for, but it will do. Just about. A few hours of setting time, and it will finally be done.

The anticipation is killing me – I can’t wait to cut the end off the cake to see how it looks. I slice through it, elated. The squares have lined up, the ganache isn’t too thick and the colours have held up well.

It’s not the perfect slice of art that Freeman produces at the SFMOMA café, but it’s not too bad for an amateur with no scales. Plus, it tastes pretty good too. Would I make it again? Absolutely, but only for a very special occasion.

If you missed parts one and two, you can find them here and here.


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