The Mondrian cake: part 2

It was all going so well..

Day 2

I wake to find that the building blocks have fused together and it all feels quite solid. Success! All that’s left is the outside of the cake.

Easy peasy, I think. I’ll just pour over a layer of ganache. Except no, I can’t just do that. Every time I touch the ganache with my palette knife, it makes a crease or a smudge or a big, fat dent. As the ganache begins to set and I try to make the corners as sharp as I can, things go from bad to worse. This is when my lack of expertise and equipment begins to show.

I spend literally hours going back and forth with the ganache, trying to get it to do what I want. My friends don’t understand why I’m obsessing. They just don’t get it. It has to look perfect. I won’t settle for anything less.

On the verge of a nervous breakdown, I finally put the palette knife down. I now understand why it costs $8 a slice.

The corners are relatively sharp but the finish on the ganache is dull and uneven. I decide to let it set overnight before pouring on a final outer coating of ganache tomorrow. If that doesn’t work, I’m going to stamp on it.

Coming soon… part 3


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