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Burnt stainless steel pan: the quick and easy remedy

What to do when your stainless steel pan ends up looking like this?

Burned rice

Burnt rice. Image: Alpha


Well, I tackled a similar situation just the other day. It’s one of those mistakes that’s we all make. Distracted, you step away from the hob for a minute, which turns into ten, then suddenly the acrid smell of burning rice is wafting out of the kitchen.

Don’t fear – even if your pan looks unsalvageable, it probably is. Two wonder ingredients – vinegar and bicarbonate of soda – are all it takes. Obviously, measurements depend on how deep your pan is and how far up the sides the burned food goes, so try to eyeball it and add more vinegar or bicarb as you judge necessary. This is for stainless steel pans – it may damage other types of pans, so be careful.

  1. Fill your burned pan with a vinegar and water mixture. You should aim for about half water, half vinegar. Ideally, use plain old white vinegar, but any vinegar will do. Make sure the liquid covers the burnt on food.
  2. Bring this to the boil gently – you should start to see bits of rice lifting away already.
  3. Take the pan off the heat and add 1 tbsp of bicarb (less if your pan is small). It will start frothing and bubbling up immediately.
  4. Allow to cool. Once cool, scrub away the burnt food with a washing up brush – it should all come away easily, with minimum effort.

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